Importation of Prescription Drugs


Travellers to Jamaica may bring regular prescriptions to Jamaica for use during their stay in Jamaica provided that:

  • The person brings a copy of all prescriptions clearly stating name, the quantity, strength and dosage and that all the prescription drugs are in the original containers and clearly labelled.
  • Letter from the physician stating the condition being treated.


A special permit will be required from the Ministry of Health and Wellness for prescription containing narcotics.

Applications for the special permit should be sent to:

Chief Dangerous Drugs Inspector

Ministry of Health and Wellness

Pharmaceutical and Regulatory Affairs Division

45-47 Barbados Avenue

Kingston 5, Jamaica

Telephone: (876) 633-7145

                  ; and      

N.B. Emailed requests will be accepted.

The following information should be included in the request for the special permit:

1.     A letter from the physician stating the name of the patient and the condition being treated.

2.     A copy of the prescription indicating the name, strength and quantity of the drugs for the duration of the stay in Jamaica.

3.     Flight details (dates and times of arrival and departure, flight numbers, ports of entry and departure).

4.     The address of patient while in Jamaica.

5.     Contact details for the patient – address, telephone number and email address.

6.     A contact telephone number of the physician.

Once approval is granted, the Ministry of Health will directly send the applicant the special permit to take the in prescriptions containing narcotic drugs into Jamaica prior to departure date of the patient.  This document must be carried with the patient when traveling to Jamaica.