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Jamaica Council of Churches 

Jamaica Christian Mission 

Jamaican Religion 

Language, Faith, and Healing in Jamaican Folk Culture by Peter L. Patrick 

Jamaican Economy Since Independence by Norman Girvan (PDF) 

Famous Lighthouses of Jamaica in Negril and Beyond 

Growing the Jamaican Economy 

The Economics of Jamaica 

History of Music in the Caribbean 

Coral Reef and the Coastline of Jamaica 

History of Jamaica's Legislature 

Information on Jamaican Transportation 

The Arawaks and the History of Jamaica 

A History of Jamaica 

Introduction to Jamaican Culture (PDF) 

Language, Culture, Custom, and Etiquette 

Airports in Jamaica 

Top Rated Attractions in Ocho Rios, Jamaica 

Jamaica Seventh Day Adventist Church 

Montego Bay, Jamaica 

Rastafarian Religion 

Jamaica Railway Corporation 

History of Jamaica from the Embassy of Jamaica 

Important Dates in the History of Jamaica 

Doing Business in Jamaica 

Rasta/Patois Dictionary and Phrases/Proverbs 

Countries and Their Culture: Jamaica 

Geography of Jamaica 

Tourist Information for Negril, Jamaica 

Cabinet Office of the Government of Jamaica 

Jamaican (Jimiekn/Patwa/Jamaican) 

The World Factbook of Jamaica (PDF) 

The Historical and Culture Aspects of Jamaican Patois 

The Queen's Role in Jamaica 

Jamaica Topographic Maps 

Economic Freedoms of Jamaica 

Jamaican Patois & the Power of Language in Reggae Music by Stacey Herbold 

Land Use Maps & GIS Data for Jamaica 

Brief History of Jamaica 

Islamic Faith in Jamaica 

Jamaican Dance Music 

Literature of the Caribbean - Geographical Information on Jamaica 

Laws of Jamaica - The Supreme Court Jamaica 

Government of Jamaica, Cabinet Office 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade of Jamaica 

Botschaft von Jamaika in Deutschland, Berlin  oder 

Jamaica Information Service / Government of Jamaica   

Auswärtiges Amt, Berlin - über Jamaika   

Auswärtiges Amt, Berlin – Leitlinien für die Deutsche Außenpolitik gegenüber Lateinamerika und der Karibik,navCtx=32974.html#t3 

Lateinamerika und Karibikkonzept der Bundesregierung vom 03.07.2010

US State Department - site on Jamaica 

The Commonwealth – member country Jamaica 

CARICOM- Carribean Community - member country Jamaica 

See Jamaica in aNew Dimension

Jamaica-National Anthem, contemporary 2009, images

Jamaica-National Anthem, instrumental

Jamaica-National Anthem, instrumental with text

Leading Jamaican newspaper 

Leading Jamaican newspaper 

Radio Jamaica Limited 

Visit Jamaica / Jamaica Tourist Board 

National Geographic of USA on Jamaica 

National Geographic of USA on Jamaica – Photos 

National Heroes of Jamaica 

Tourist site 

Tourist site 

US Tourist Guide on Jamaica 

Wikipedia; über Jamaika 

CIA-Factbook of Nations ; about Jamaica 

Encyclopedia Britannica ; about Jamaica 

Deutsch-Jamaikanische Gesellschaft e.V. , Frankfurt

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Karibikforschung, Martin-Luther Universität, Halle/Saale

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3 min. report on Bob Marley

Walt Disney Pictures-Cool Runnings Trailer-1993